Walking out with your baby from his very first few days to accustom him to being outdoors and allow him to come into contact with the external environment. Tomato Baby has thought of everything you need whilst outdoors: from prams to changer bags from baby carriers to back carrier and a complete range of accessories for the comfort of the baby without forgetting that of mum and dad.

Tomato Baby: Baby Furniture Online Store™. Direct Import from Italy by the Brand Brevi.  Tested for Safety under Europe Norm Standard. Finest Selection of Baby Stroller, Baby Car Seats, Baby Flexi Chair, Play Mat, Toys etc.

B-Flexy Twin Stroller
RM1,699.00 RM699.00
Product Dimensions: W75.0 x D67.0 x H103.0cm When the second baby stops using the pram, you ne..
Cradle Cotton Reducer
In order to be closer to its requirements, Slex Evo has a wide range of accessories, aimed at a more..
Crystal Modular System Stroller
RM2,449.00 RM799.00
Product Dimensions: W61.0 x D87.5 x H104.5cm CRYSTAL is the new Brevi modular system designed ..
Ginger Stroller
RM999.00 RM299.00
Product Dimensions: W56.8 x D82.0 x H104.5cm The Ginger 3 stroller offers the maximum comfort ..
Grand Prix Car Seat
Product Dimensions: W45.0 x D67.0 x H66.0cm Transport of children up to 18 kg (Group 0/1). Fit..
Marathon Stroller (Display Set)
Product Dimensions: W52.0 x D81.5 x H107.0cm Suitable from birth. Aluminium frame, light and c..
Rider Carrycot + Chassis
RM2,599.00 RM799.00
Product Dimensions: W59.2 x D99.0 x H120.0cm It combines Italian style and innovation thanks t..
Verso Stroller
RM1,699.00 RM699.00
Product Dimensions: W56.5 x D82.5 x H101.5cm VERSO, the new pushchair-stroller that combines m..
RM1,699.00 RM699.00
RM999.00 RM299.00
RM2,599.00 RM799.00
RM1,699.00 RM699.00
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