PapaMama Store is a comprehensive online store serving adults, seniors and their caregivers, both near and far. You’ll find products that allow people to age well at home.We’re dedicated to offering healthcare supplies and mobility aids for the elderly, bed and bath safety products and practical tools for all the activities of daily living for those who want to stay independent as well as those with limited mobility. It is a fact that aging changes our bodily functions and aside from oral medical care, certain physical aids are designed and considered as specific needs, However, we rarely see in the country especially for the goods and services designed for seniors. In contrast, other countries, Japan, for example, in all aspects of their lifestyles, they made the commodities for seniors as one of the essential category so that Seniors can enjoy great convenience in daily life. We bring the best home care products from Japan and Taiwan and these are the products that can be a great gift to grandparents or parents in order for them to still lead a convenient life with a little aid and still enjoying their life and forgetting their age. :)

Slim LED Fresnel Magnifier
Product Dimensions: W8.3 x H5.6cm Magnification 3.4 times Mirror Dimensions: W4.5 x H4.0cm Weig..
Sock Aid
Product Dimensions: 23cm Length Weight : 88g Applicable to any socks size. ..
Product Dimensions: Length 18.8cm ; Grip length 12.3cm Weight: 82g Material: Stainless steel &..
Standard Multi Opener
Model: DL-0013 Features: Opens a variety of cans safely and easily. Just a little le..
Toilet Safety Frame
Specification: Height: from floor to the middle armrest is 60 to 70cm Weight : 8.0kg Use Load: 13..
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