Canopies and curtains don't just add practicality to the bedroom they add the finishing touches to a child's imaginative world.


Blue Double Decker Curtain - 2 PCS
Complete your child's Double Decker theme dream bedroom with these Blue Double Decker curtains. Don'..
Jazzie Jungle Canopy
An excellent addition to the Jazzy Jungle bed theme. The Cheetah canopy is an excellent wrap around ..
Pink Flower Curtain - 2 PCS
RM139.00 RM19.90
If you're going for soft pink overtones or a flower theme to match some of the Hello Kitty or Barbie..
Puppy Pal Canopy
This cute brown Puppy Pal Canopy is especially made to complete the Puppy Pal bed set. Stamp your ch..
Simplicity Blue Canopy
A simple matching blue canopy top provides a near seamless canopy cover that drapes gently over your..
Simplicity Hot Pink Canopy
A simple hot pink canopy top nestled firmly above a crib to compliment the hot pink sheets theme for..
Teyo Tires Canopy
You're never truly a winner until you've crossed the chequered flag, in this case let that flag be a..
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